08 June 2020

BOOK: Jinfan ZHANG, The History of Chinese Legal Civilization, Modern and Contemporary China (Cham: Springer, 2020). ISBN: 9789811010309

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This book, based on the theory of Marxism-Leninism, aims to study the essence, content and features of various legal systems in China in different historical periods, as well as the rules of the development of Chinese legal systems. It effectively combines classic analysis and historical analysis to probe historical facts and elaborate the historical role of the legal system, revealing both the general and the specific rules of the development of China s legal system on the basis of the existing relevant research. The subject matter is of abundant theoretical and practical significance, as it enriches Marxist legal studies, deepens readers' understanding of China s legal civilization and offers guiding principles for the creation of socialist legal systems with Chinese characteristics. It discusses the trends in thinking on the reconstruction of the legal system; changing laws; western legal culture; the legal system in the period of westernization, constitution and reform; preparation for constitutionalism; modification of the law during the late Qing Dynasty; criminal, civil and commercial legislation; and judicial reforms in the modern era as well as the various ups and downs and cases of malconduct after the founding of the People's Republic of China.


Introduction.- The Rise of the Ideological Trend of Updating the Legal System and Laws before and after the Opium War.- The Input of the Western Legal Culture and the Updating of Chinese Settled Legal Ideas (1840-1870s).- "Chinese-style Westernization ": the Legal System during the Period of the Westernization Movement.- The Sprouting of the Constitutional Thoughts and the Constitutional Reform and Modernization (the second half of the 1800s - the late 1800s).- The preparation for Constitutionalism in the Late Qing Dynasty and the Constitution.- The Emergence of the Contemporary Chinese Legal Civilization: the Modification of the Law during the Late Qing Dynasty.- A New Chapter in Chinese Criminal Law Civilization-- Criminal Law of the Great Qing Dynasty.- The Draft Civil Law of the Great Qing Dynasty Integrating with the Western Civil Law.- The Commercial Legislation Changing from restraining Business to Protecting Business.- The Reforms Ushering in the Judicial Civilization.- The National Program of Building a Democratic Republic and the New Epoch of Chinese Legal Civilization.- The Development and Devastation of Modern Chinese Legal Civilization during the Beijing Government Period (1912-1928).- The Book of the Six Laws of Nanjing national government (1928-1949).- Facilitating Chinese Legal Civilization during the New Democracy Period: building the Legal System of the Base Areas.- Contemporary Chinese Civilization (1949 - present).- Introduction.- The Groundwork for the New Chinese Legal Civilization.- Constructing the Socialist Legal Civilization with Chinese Characteristics (1st).- Constructing the Socialist Legal Civilization with Chinese Characteristics (2nd).- The Historical Experience in Building the Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics.

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