04 June 2020

JOURNAL: Diplomatica (Vol. II, Issue 1)

(Source: Brill)

Diplomatica has published the first issue for its 2020 volume, with a focus on the history of business diplomacy. The table of contents here:
Multinational Corporations as Diplomatic Actors: an Exploration of the Concept of Business Diplomacy
By: Huub Ruël
Pages: 1–12
Business Diplomacy from an IR Perspective
By: Niels van Willigen
Pages: 13–19
Early Modern Business Diplomacy: an Appraisal
By: Cátia Antunes
Pages: 20–27
The Dutch East India Company and Business Diplomacy
By: Adam Clulow and Tristan Mostert
Pages: 28–38
Trading Companies and Business Diplomacy in the Early Modern World
By: David Veevers and William A. Pettigrew
Pages: 39–47
Business and Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century: a Corporatist View
By: Thomas David and Pierre Eichenberger
Pages: 48–56
Merely “Ad hoc” Diplomacy? A Global Historical Comparison of Early Modern Japanese–Spanish and Qing-Russian Foreign Relations
By: Birgit Tremml-Werner and Lisa Hellman
Pages: 57–78
Private Diplomacy and Dutch Foreign Relations: the Rijkens Group and the West New Guinea Dispute 1949–62
By: David Verster
Pages: 79–99
“India Looks at the World”: Nehru, the Indian Foreign Service & World Diplomacy
By: Swapna Kona Nayudu
Pages: 100–117
Russian Science Diplomacy
By: Olga Krasnyak
Pages: 118–134
“A Number One Diplomatist”: Josephine McNeill, Ireland’s Minister to the Netherlands, 1950–55
By: Michael Kennedy
Pages: 135–144
The Slow Ascent of Women in Dutch Diplomacy: the Case of Maria Witteveen
By: Marc Dierikx
Pages: 145–153
Women in Diplomacy: the Equality Agenda
By: Anne Barrington
Pages: 154–162
Informal Alliance: The Bilderberg Group and Transatlantic Relations During the Cold War, 1952–1968, written by Thomas W. Gijswijt, 2019
By: Dino Knudsen
Pages: 163–166
La missione di Decio Francesco Vitelli nella storia della nunziatura di Venezia: Dai primi incarichi alla guerra di Castro (1485–1643), written by Marco Albertoni, 2017
By: John Condren
Pages: 167–168
Preventing Palestine. A Political History from Camp David to Oslo, written by Seth Anziska, 2018
By: Lorena De Vita
Pages: 169–171
Diplomacy in the 21st Century: A Brief Introduction, written by Paul Sharp, 2019
By: Alison Ruth Holmes
Pages: 172–173
The Institution of International Order: From the League of Nations to the United Nations, edited by Simon Jackson and Alanna O’Malley, 2018
By: Quincy Cloet
Pages: 174–176
Enemy Number One: The United States of America in Soviet Ideology and Propaganda, 1945–1959, written by Rósa Magnúsdóttir, 2018
By: Marsha Siefert
Pages: 177–179
International Development: A Postwar History, written by Corinna R. Unger, 2018
By: David Webster
Pages: 180–182
Announcement: The Mattingly Prize
Pages: 183

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