18 June 2020

DIGITAL SEMINAR: Marton Ribary (Surrey) and Barbara McGillivray (Alan Turing Institute & Cambridge): “The thing is mine”: Extracting the terminology of the Roman law of “ownership” from Justinian’s Digest (LIVESTREAM: 19 JUNE 2020: 16:30u GMT)

Through the website of the Instiute of Classical Studies of the School of Advanced Study in London, we learned about the Digital Classicist London Seminar 2020. 


Friday, Jun 19, 2020, 16:30 UK time
Institute of Classical Studies, University of London Online seminar, streamed live and archived at:

Our paper investigates the evolution of the concept of “ownership” in Roman law using computational semantic methods. The work is based on a relational database of Justinian’s Digest (533 CE) arranging more than twenty thousand text units excerpted from hundreds of otherwise lost legal works in a Python environment and shared on GitHub (mribary/pyDigest). We present a thematic tree-map of Roman law based on hierarchical clustering of sections. We use computational methods for terminology extraction and distributional semantic word representations to show how the semantic landscape associated with “ownership” changed over time.

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