12 June 2020

BOOK: Luisa BRUNORI, Serge DAUCHY, Olivier DESCAMPS & Xavier PREVOST (dir)., Le droit face à l'économie sans travail. Tome II: l'approche internationale [Histoire du Droit; 7] (Paris: Classiques Garnier, SEPT 2020), 329 p. ISBN 978-2-406-09729-7

(image source: Classiques Garnier)

Book abstract:
Ten years after the beginning of the subprime crisis, the situation in the early years of the third millennium requires a broad look at the dynamics of the jobless economy, understood as the set of financial operations that do not directly compensate human labor or the exchange of goods.
Papers by Luisa Brunori, Serge Dauchy, Olivier Descamps, Xavier Prévost, David Kusman, David Carvajal de la Vega, Claudio Marsilio, Roman Zaoral, David Gilles, Anja Amend-Traut, Jean Hilaire, Erik Aerts, Carlos Petit, Guido Rossi, Oscar Cruz Barney, Dave De ruysscher and Alain Wijffels.

Read more: DOI 10.15122/isbn.978-2-406-09729-7. The book is currently available as e-book, and will appear in print in September.

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