04 June 2020

BOOK: Marianne VASARA-AALTONEN, Learning Law and Travelling Europe: Study Journeys and the Developing Swedish Legal Profession, c. 1630–1800 [The Northern World; 87] (Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff/Brill, 2020), ISBN 978-90-04-43166-9

(image source: Brill)

On the book:
In Learning Law and Travelling Europe, Marianne Vasara-Aaltonen offers an exciting account of the study journeys of Swedish lawyers in the early modern period. Based on archival sources and biographical information, the study delves into the backgrounds of the law students, their travels through Europe, and their future careers. In seventeenth-century Sweden, the state-building process was at its height, and trained officials were desperately needed for the administration and judiciary. The book shows convincingly that the studies abroad of future lawyers were intimately linked to this process, whereas in the eighteenth century, study journeys became less important. By examining the development of the Swedish early modern legal profession, the book also represents an important contribution to comparative legal history.

On the author:
Marianne Vasara-Aaltonen, LL.D. (2018), a postdoctoral researcher in Legal History at the University of Helsinki, has written on the history of the legal profession, legal education, and the judiciary in Sweden and Finland from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries.
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