05 June 2020

BOOK: Kyle M. LASCURETTES, Orders of Exclusion - Great Powers and the Strategic Sources of Foundational Rules in International Relations (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020). ISBN 9780190068554, £20.99

(Source: OUP)

Oxford University Press is publishing a new book on the history of the international order.


When and why do powerful countries seek to enact major changes to international order, the broad set of rules that guide behavior in world politics? This question is particularly important today given the Trump administration's clear disregard for the reigning liberal international order in the United States. Across the globe, there is also uncertainty over what China might seek to replace that order with as it continues to amass power and influence. Together, these developments mean that what motivates great powers to shape and change order will remain at the forefront of debates over the future of world politics. Prior studies have focused on how the origins of international orders have been consensus-driven and inclusive. By contrast, Kyle Lascurettes argues in Orders of Exclusion that the propelling motivation for great power order building has typically been exclusionary. Dominant powers pursue fundamental changes to order when they perceive a major new threat on the horizon. Moreover, they do so for the purpose of targeting this perceived threat, be it another powerful state or a foreboding ideological movement. The goal of order building, then, is blocking that threatening entity from amassing further influence, a motive Lascurettes illustrates at work across more than three hundred years of international history. Far from falling outside of the bounds of traditional statecraft, order building is the continuation of power politics by other means.


Kyle M. Lascurettes is Assistant Professor of International Affairs at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, where he specializes in global order, international institutions, and international relations theory.


Chapter 1: Power Politics and International Order
Chapter 2: Reordering International Order
Chapter 3: A Theory of Exclusion
Chapter 4: Order in the Age of Great Power Politics
Chapter 5: Order in the European Concert Era
Chapter 6: The Wilsonian Order Project
Chapter 7: Birthing the Liberal International Order
Chapter 8: Consolidating the Liberal International Order
Chapter 9: The Future of Order
Appendix: Identifying the Great Powers
Tables and Figures

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