JOURNAL: Comparative Legal History


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Journal Comparative Legal History

The journal Comparative Legal History is an official academic forum of the European Society for Comparative Legal History. It was first published in 2013 and aims to offer a space for the development of comparative legal history. Based in Europe, it welcomes contributions that explore law in different times and jurisdictions from across the globe.

The journal welcomes contributions from the fields of law and history, and is likewise receptive of interdisciplinary legal studies with the comparative aspect at their core. Attention is also devoted to papers focusing on understudied jurisdictions and/or periods, as well as topics generally constricted to a specialist audience. Authors should feel free to approach the Articles Editor for initial inquiries on suitability.

Submissions are being assessed on a rolling basis.

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Agustín Parise -  Maastricht University


Articles Editor

Jaqueline Bemmer -  University of Vienna



Reviews Editor

Marianne Vasara-Aaltonen - University of Helsinki



Copy Editors

Emanuel van Dongen - University of Utrecht



Emilia Mataix Ferrándiz - University of Helsinki



Sarah White - University of St Andrews



International Editorial Board

 Sima Avramovic - University of Belgrade

Lauren Benton - Yale University

Géraldine Cazals - University of Rouen

Martin Chanock - La Trobe University

Lei Chen - City University of Hong Kong

Orazio Condorelli - University of Catania

Emanuele Conte - University of Rome III

Serge Dauchy - University of Lille

Seán P Donlan - Thompson Rivers University

Shaunnagh Dorsett - University of Technology – Sydney

Jacques du Plessis - Stellenbosch University

Thomas Duve - Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory

Matthew Dyson - University of Oxford - President ESCLH

Dolores Freda - University of Naples

Philip Girard - Osgoode Hall Law School

James Gordley - Tulane University

Alejandro Guzmán Brito - Pontificial Catholic University of Valparaíso

Dirk Heirbaut - Ghent University

Jan Hallebeek - VU University Amsterdam

Phillip Hellwege - Augsburg University - Vice-President ESCLH

Richard Helmholz - University of Chicago

David Ibbetson - University of Cambridge

Nils Jansen - University of Münster

Marie Seong-Hak Kim - St Cloud State University

Mia Korpiola - University of Turku - Vice-President ESCLH

Assaf Likhovski - Tel Aviv University

Aniceto Masferrer - University of Valencia

Hector MacQueen - University of Edinburgh

Kjell Å Modéer - Lund University

Annamaria Monti - Bocconi University - Vice-President ESCLH

Mary Jane Mossman - Osgoode Hall Law School, York University

Ulrike Müßig - University of Passau

Marianna Muravyeva - University of Helsinki

Esin Örücü - University of Glasgow, Emeritus

Janwillem Oosterhuis - Maastricht University - Secretary General ESCLH

Brian P Owensby - University of Virginia

Heikki Pihlajamäki - University of Helsinki

David S Powers - Cornell University

Merike Ristikivi - University of Tartu

Jonathan Rose - Arizona State University

Richard J Ross - University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign

Amr Shalakany - American University in Cairo

Andreas Thier - University of Zürich

Remco van Rhee - Maastricht University

Helle Vogt - University of Copenhagen

James Q Whitman - Yale University

David V Williams - University of Auckland

Tzung-Mou Wu - Academia Sinica

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