08 December 2021

WORKSHOP: “Regulae iuris and maxims of law in the legal historical perspective” (Online, 21-22 January 2022)


We learned of a workshop on regulae iuris organised at Ghent University (Zoom).


Preliminary Programme

21 January 2022 (Friday), 13:00 – 18:00 CET

Organizer:           Dr. Ilya A. Kotlyar

Event Host:         Pr. Dirk Heirbaut

13:00-15:30, First Session

1.       Dr. Ilya A. Kotlyar, “Medieval dialectical method digitizable? Introduction of a research project”

2.       Pr. Gero R. Dolezalek, “Early glossators eagerly searched for “regulae””

3.       David De Concilio, “From loci to regulae. The development of brocards and the Western European legal tradition (c.1160-c.1215)”

4.       Pr. Emanuele Conte, (Coniectio or coniunctio: a philological aspect of the Digest's definition of Regula)

5.       Pr. Paul J. Du Plessis, “A structural investigation of D.50.17 (De diversis regulis iuris antiqui)”.

15:30-16:00, Break

16:00-18:00, Second Session

6.       Pr. David Deroussin, "On the use and usefulness of the regulae iuris in a codified system (France). The example of Dupin âiné".

7.       Pr. Harry Dondorp, “Duorum in solidum dominium esse non posse”

8.       Dr. Emmanuel G.D. van Dongen, “Quod quis ex sua culpa damnum sentit, damnum sentire non videtur”

9.       Pr. James Gordley, “Regulae Iuris and Legal Maxims: Whence and Whither?”

Event Venue:     Zoom (link to be announced)

Persons interested in participating can reach out to 

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