21 December 2021

CALL FOR PAPERS: Freedom for Us or for All? (Non-)Religious Communities and FORB Rights (Leuven: Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, 5-6 MAY 2022; DEADLINE 1 FEB 2022)


(images source: ETF Leuven)

Conference presentation:

This second international conference, organized by our Institute for the Study of Freedom of Religion or Belief (ISFORB), aims to give attention to diverse relations between (non-) religious communities and FORB rights. This topic can be unpacked by focusing on three levels of interaction. First, it involves the religious freedom of an individual within a community, the extent to which each individual can live out their personal (religious) convictions in this context. Second, it involves the freedom offered mutually by religious communities towards one another, accepting and promoting the other community’s freedom to believe and act in the way they deem right. Third, it implies the religious freedom given by any society to (non-)religious communities to self-organize and live out their religious or philosophical particularities in the way they choose. These topics will be introduced in plenary papers.

Read the call for papers here.

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