02 November 2021

BOOK: Jens IVERSON, Jus Post Bellum: The Rediscovery, Foundations, and Future of the Law of Transforming War into Peace (Leiden: Brill, 2021). ISBN: 978-90-04-33102-0, €200.00,

(Source: Brill)


Series:  Leiden Studies on the Frontiers of International Law, Volume: 8

In Jus Post Bellum, Jens Iverson provides the Just War foundations of the concept, reveals the function of jus post bellum, and integrates the law that governs the transition from armed conflict to peace. This volume traces the history of jus post bellum avant la lettre, tracing important writings on the transition to peace from Augustine, Aquinas, and Kant to more modern jurists and scholars. It explores definitional aspects of jus post bellum, including current its relationship to sister terms and related fields. It also critically evaluates the current state and possibilities for future development of the law and normative principles that apply to the transition to peace. Peacebuilders, scholars, and diplomats will find this book a crucial resource.


Jens Iverson, Ph.D. (2017), is Assistant Professor of Law at Leiden. He has edited volumes and published many articles on jus post bellum, including Just Peace after conflict: Jus Post Bellum and the Justice of Peace (OUP 2020); War Aims Matter, Jus Post Bellum: Environmental Protection and Transitions from Conflict to Peace (OUP 2017); Jus Post Bellum and Foreign Investment; Jus Post Bellum: Mapping the Normative Foundations (OUP 2014); Transitional Justice, and Jus Post Bellum and International Criminal Law.

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