16 November 2021

BOOK LAUNCH: Early Modern Privacy. Sources and approaches - University of Copenhagen - 3 December 2021, 16:00-17:00 CET


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The volume is part of the Brill Series: Intersections, Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture

 Early Modern Privacy - Sources and Approaches editors: Michaël GreenLars Cyril Nørgaard, and Mette Birkedal Bruun

Privacy is often viewed as a modern phenomenon. Early Modern Privacy: Sources and Approaches challenges this view. This collection examines instances, experiences, and spaces of early modern privacy, and opens new avenues to understanding the structures and dynamics that shape early modern societies. Scholars of architectural history, art history, church history, economic history, gender history, history of law, history of literature, history of medicine, history of science, and social history detail how privacy and the private manifest within a wide array of sources, discourses, practices, and spatial programmes. In doing so, they tackle the methodological challenges of early modern privacy, in all its rich, historical specificity. 

Contributors include Ivana Bičak, Mette Birkedal Bruun, Maarten Delbeke, Willem Frijhoff, Michael Green, Mia Korpiola, Mathieu Laflamme, Natacha Klein Käfer, Hang Lin, Walter S. Melion, Hélène Merlin-Kajman, Lars Cyril Nørgaard, Anne Régent-Susini, Marian Rothstein, Thomas Max Safley, Valeria Viola, Lee Palmer Wandel, and Heide Wunder.


The volume is part of the Brill Series: Intersections, Interdisciplinary Studies in Early Modern Culture

Intersections is a peer-reviewed series on interdisciplinary topics in early modern studies. Contributions may come from any of the disciplines within the humanities, such as history, art history, literary history, book history, church history, social history, cultural history, and history of ideas. Each volume focuses on a single theme and consists of essays that explore new perspectives on the subject of study. The series aims to open up new areas of research on early modern culture and to address issues of interest to a wide range of disciplines. Editor: Karl A. E. Enenkel.

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