26 July 2018

SCHOLARSHIP: Max Planck Institute for European Legal History – The Doucet Scholarship (DEADLINE: 15 September 2018)

Via the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History, please find below a call for the second call for applications for the Doucet Scholarship, aimed particularly at young researchers working on the history of early modern law in the Hispanic-American sphere.

The Doucet Collection

The Max Planck Institute for European Legal History was able to substantially expand the collection of its library in the area of the history of derecho indiano, thanks to the integration in 2015 of approximately 4,800 titles belonging to the collection of the legal historians Lourdes Lascurain de Doucet and Gaston Doucet. The collection contains editions of both historical and fundamental legal-historical sources, as well as scientific research on the history of modern early law, covering the entire Hispanic-American sphere (including the Philippine Islands) up to the time of independence. The Doucet Library has more than 600 works on history in general, over 1,700 titles on New Spain, more than 800 works on the River Plate and another 600 on Peru and Alto Peru, as well as many other books on the Antilles, Florida, Yucatan, Chile, the Philippines, Venezuela, New Granada and Paraguay. To consult the titles that make up the Collection, you can access the catalogue of the institute's library and enter "Provenienz Doucet" in the basic search field of the Opac:

The Doucet Scholarship

In order to facilitate access to the collection for young researchers from outside Frankfurt, especially from Latin America, who are interested in using this important collection, the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History provides an annual scholarship for a three-month research stay at the Institute.

Due to the large number of interesting applications that the Institute received in the first call, the selection of the first fellows has proved extremely difficult. For this reason, the award went in the first year to two young researchers: Marcela Saenz Castro (UBA) and Cristian Miguel Poczynok (UBA). The research projects were devoted to indigenous claims through trips to the Royal Audience of Buenos Aires at the end of colonial times (Saenz Castro) and to land rights in Latin America between the 18th and 19th centuries (Poczynok) (see the report on his stay).

Call 2019

The second call for applications for the "Doucet Scholarship” is open and the deadline for sending applications for a stay from January to March 2019 (02.01-29.03.2019) is 15 September 2018. Specifically, the financial support consists of: 44 € per day, for a maximum of 90 days; reimbursement of the airfare (up to 1000 € for transatlantic flights, 500 € for flights within Europe). There is also the possibility of renting a room in the Institute's residences (available for full months and costs approx. 650 € per month).

Young researchers may submit proposals on the history of colonial law, directly related to the monographs and editions of sources that make up the Doucet Collection.

Applications (CV, project description and motivation letter regarding the use of the Doucet Collection) are to be submitted in Spanish or English by 15 September 2018, addressed to Prof. Thomas Duve, at the following e-mail address:

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