25 July 2018

JOURNAL: Giornale di Storia costituzionale/Journal of Constitutional History [Special Issue: the Belgian Constitution of 1831: History, Ideologies, Sovereignty] XXXV (2018)/1

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The Giornale di Storia costituzionale is a periodical published twice a year. It was born in 2001 with the aim of promoting and gathering research and methodological proposals that concern the manifold paths of constitutional history. The articles here published intend to analyse - in a multidisciplinary and comparative perspective - the foundations and characters of a complex historical and cultural phenomenon which has given birth to a common inheritance, yet with different forms and conceptions. Between present and past, the scholars of law, politics, institutions, and more generally the experts of social sciences think and dialogue about constitutionalism, marked by deep historical roots and growing tensions. The Giornale has already become a meeting and reference point for the different practices of constitutional history, it publishes essays in various languages and is characterised by thematic richness and variety in surveys, alternating miscellaneous issues with others dedicated to monographic rese


  • "Introduction" (Christophe Maes & Brecht Deseure)
  • "The Belgian Constitution: Modern Constitutionalism's Greatest Triumph ?" (Brecht Deseure, Raf Geenens, Christophe Maes & Stefan Sottiaux)
  • "Constitutionalism in Post-1814 Europe: Monarchy, Parliament and Sovereignty" (Markus J. Prutsch)
  • "Liberalism, modern constitutionalism and nation building in the Belgian Constitution of 1831: a comparative perspective" (Peter A.J. Van den Berg)
  • "Making the constitution more Catholic ? Catholic adaptation strategies to the Belgian constitutional liberties of 1831" (Roberto Dagnino)
  • "Republic and popular sovereignty. The Belgian case: 1830-1831" (Els Witte)
  • "The Constitution of the Belgian people. The Nation as legitimisation" (Jan Clement, Mieke Vna de Putte)
  • "The end justifies the means. The nature of Belgium's 1830 political liberalism" (Christophe Maes)
  • "Raymond Carré de Malberg and the interpretation of sovereignty in the Belgian constituiton" (Olga Bashkina)
Other contributions:
  • "L'antiveggente Vittorio Emanuele Orlando e la "soluzione" della tormentat "Questione romana" (Leone Melilloo)
  • "'Le leggi sono leggi'. Legalità, giustizia e politica nell'Italia di Piero Calamandrei" (Floriana Colao)
Tribute to Nicolao Merker:
  • "Ricordo di Nicolao Merker" (Stefano Gensini)
  • "Profilo di Nicolao Merker" (Luig Ponzo)
  • "La Germania di Merker" (Luca Scuccimarra)
  • "Nicolao Merker e il marxismo dellavolpiano all'Università di Roma" (Roberto Finelli)
  • "Il Marx di Nicolao Merker" (Stefano Petrucciani)
  • "Merker e la questione nazionale" (Luka Bogdanic)
  • "La questione del populismo" (Michele Prospero)
  • "Nicolao Merker e l'Africa" (Carlo Carbone)
Testi & Pretesti
  • Storie di infamia ai tempi di Schiller (Carlo Sabbatini)
  • "Vida Azimi legge L'Occident vu de Russie. Anthologie de la pensée russe de Karamzine à Poutine. Choix présentations et traductions de Michel Niqueux"
  • Ventidue proposte di lettura

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