16 July 2018

ACADEMIC SESSION: Centenary of the Legal History Review (Leiden, 5 OCT 2018); REGISTRATION BY 15 SEP 2018

(image source: Universiteit Leiden)

The Legal History Review celebrates its centenary in 2018. Founded by Dutch jurists E.M. Meijers, A.S. de Blécourt and J. van Kan, the eminent review's history, present and future will be discussed at Leiden University, in the E.M. Meijers Hall (Rapenburg 73, Leiden, Netherlands).


11:30 Opening address by A. Wijffels (Belgian Chairman of the Legal History Review)
11:40 Congratulations by M. Huetink (Director, Brill Publishers)
11:50 'The Legal History Review in the past 100 years', by L. Winkel (Dutch Chairman of the Legal History Review)

12:30 Luncheon

Afternoon session: publishing a journal today

Chair: L. Waelkens

14:00 H. De Meij MA (Director Academic Relations, Brill) on 'Publishing journals now'
14:20 Prof. dr. M. Kemerink (Universitet Linköping) on 'Peer review'
14:35 Prof. dr. L. Pahlow (J.W. Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main) on 'Copyright'
14:50 Prof. dr. D. Visser (Universiteit Leiden) on 'Open access'
15:00 Discussion

16:00 Break

Chair: B. Sirks

16:30 Celebratory address by Prof. dr. H.-P. Haferkamp (Universität Köln)
17:15 Congratulations by Prof. dr. C.J.J.M. Stolker, Rector Magnificus (Leyden University)

Deadline for registration: 15 September 2018 (with the Journal's editorial secretary).

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