31 July 2018

CALL FOR PAPERS – Constitutional Legacies of Empire, University of Glasgow (DEADLINE 31 OCTOBER 2018)

Via the University of Glasgow School of Law, we heard of a call for papers for a workshop on the constitutional legacies of the British Empire.


Proposals are sought for papers to be given at a workshop on ‘Constitutional Legacies of Empire’. The workshop, which will take place on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 May 2019 at the University of Glasgow, is funded by the Society of Legal Scholars and the University of Glasgow School of Law.
The workshop seeks to explore the ways in which the development of the United Kingdom’s constitutional order was influenced by the exigencies or conveniences of its status as an imperial power, and the manner in which the constitution’s current form reflects that imperial past.

Any proposal for a paper which fits the workshop theme is welcome. Possible topics include the following:

the law of citizenship and nationality after Empire
the law of act of state in imperial and post-imperial context
the prerogative power and Empire
the Crown and Empire
Scotland and Empire
the United Kingdom, Empire, and Ireland
Parliament as imperial legislature
immigration law as an artefact of Empire
martial law in imperial context
managing the constitutional legacy of Empire
de-imperialising the constitution

Proposals are welcomed from scholars at any stage in their career (including doctoral researchers). Given the topic of the workshop, proposals from those who have experience of the United Kingdom’s former colonies are particularly welcome.

Proposals for papers are due by 31 October 2018 and should be sent to, as should any queries regarding the workshop. Acceptance will be notified by 16 November 2018.

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