07 July 2018

ESCLH CONFERENCE: Final Speech of Gratitude by Prof. Aniceto Masferrer Domingo (Valencia)

(image: ESCLH conference participants in the interior courtyard of the École Normale Supérieure; source: Prof. Dyson; Prof. Dyson is seated, Prof. Masferrer, Prof. Macmillan and Prof. Korpiola stand in the middle)

Prof. Aniceto Masferrer Domingo has left the Presidency of the European Society for Comparative Legal History at the occasion of the Executive Board elections. The Society warmly thanks Professor Masferrer for his relentless efforts and human qualities. Professor Masferrer succeeds Prof. Modéer as Chair of the Advisory Council. At the occasion of his "rite de passage", he addressed the assembly as follows:

Let me say some sincere words of gratitude:
 Today my office as President of the ESCLH comes to an end. I have to say that I have mixed, somehow contradictory feelings:
 On the one hand, I don't have the perception of having done much throughout the last 8 years.
 But on the other I know for sure that I did my best, and I really put all my mind and, more importantly, my whole heart in promoting and consolidating the ESCLH.
 Now, I look at the Society and I see made reality what its founders envisaged and aimed when ESCLH was created on The Hague in December 2009.
 I think the Society has consolidated, has matured and is not anymore a child. It is more aware of its purpose and, therefore, of its responsibility.
Responsibility of...
' promoting legal history without neglecting the comparative approach; ' of reaching out more legal historians from all over the world ' of expanding and consolidating a network of legal historians who are willing to contribute to the development of legal systems more committed to just, free and peaceful societies; ' to support young legal historians who feel the call and want to devote themselves to the academia; etc.
 These are some of the goals I've been striving for in my presidency, and the experience has been very rewarding, because...
 ' I've had the privilege to meet and deal with great people from different countries and continents and from whom I try to learn as much as possible;
 ' I've had the privilege to cooperate with the other members of the Executive Council, those who composed the first EC and the people who compose the current Executive Council. To be honest , I have to say that they are all much better than myself, so I have no doubt that the Society is in good hands and has a great future ahead. It would take me too much time to refer to all of them, but I cannot omit to express an especial thanks to one who along with me has spent more time in the Executive Council, first as Secretary General, then as Vicepresident, and from today onwards, as president. He has supported me over the last 6 years in a very particular way. Thank you very much, Matt.
 These two factors, namely, the greatness of all the members of the Society and the high human and academic profile of the members of the Executive Council,  are what really explain the growth and the consolation of the Society. I just made a small contribution to a big enterprise that is common to all of us.
 Along these years I've never been alone, I've never worked alone, I've never felt alone. On the contrary, I've been and felt very well supported, and I dare even to say that I perceive the Society like a family in which everybody is welcome and loved not only for what they do but also for what they are. This is what I feel and what I've tried to communicate in holding the office of the presidency.
 Thank you very much!

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