02 October 2014

LECTURE: Farewell Lecture by Prof. em. dr. Marc Van Hoecke (Ghent University, 24 October, 17:00)

 (image source: JurisDiversitas)

On Friday 24 October 2014, Ghent University organises a public lecture in its Aula Magna in honour of Prof. em. dr. Marc Van Hoecke, former rector of the Katholieke Universiteit Brussel and President of the European Academy of Legal Theory.

The lecture (in Dutch) starts at 17:00 and will discuss "The evaluation of legal scientific research". Prof. em. dr. Baudewijn Bouckaert (former dean) and Prof. dr. Michel Tison (current dean of the Law faculty) will introduce the speaker and conclude the day.

Togati are expected in the Aula Magna's salons at 16:30.

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