03 October 2014

PRIZE CEREMONY: Eike von Repgow Preis 2014 to Prof. dr. D. Heirbaut (Ghent) (23 October 2014, 17:00 Johanneskirche, Magdeburg)

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On Thursday 23 October 2014, the City and University of Magdeburg (Germany) will award the 'Eike von Repgow Preis' to Prof. dr. D. Heirbaut (Ghent).

The Prize is awarded for outstanding research on Saxony or Eike von Repgow, compiler of the Sachsenspiegel, a document of crucial importance to the history of German customary and feudal law.  More information on the Prize and its past recipients can be found on the City of Magdeburg's website. The Kuratorium expressed its high appreciation of Prof. Heirbaut's influential studies on medieval feudal law in Western as well as Central Europe (e.g. Prof. Heirbaut's contribution in the 2011 Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte (G.A.), "Zentral im Lehnswesen nach Ganshof: das flämische Lehnsrecht, ca. 1000-1305").

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At 17:00, the Johanniskirche will be the setting for a public ceremony whereby Prof. em. dr. dr. h.c. Bernhard Diestelkamp (Frankfurt am Main) will pronounce a laudatio. Prof. Heirbaut will then hold a lecture on the 'Feudal origins of the democratic rule of law (England, Flanders, Saxony)' ('Lehnrechtliche Wurzeln des demokratischen Rechtsstaats (England, Flandern, Sachsen)').

(source: Rechtshistorische Courant, October 2014)

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