29 October 2014

CONFERENCE: Law and Revolution in Ireland: Law & Lawyers before, during, and after the Cromwellian Interregnum

Law and Revolution in Ireland:
Law & Lawyers before, during, and
after the Cromwellian Interregnum

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Session I
Dr Stephen Carroll (Trinity College Dublin)
Competing authorities: the clash of martial and common law in early seventeenth-century Ireland
Dr Aran McArdle (Trinity College Dublin)
‘Necessarye to keepe Irelande in Order’: Martial law and the 1641 rebellion 

Session II
Dr Bríd McGrath (Trinity College Dublin)
Electoral law in Ireland in the early seventeenth century
Dr John Cunningham (Trinity College Dublin / University of Exeter)
Lawyers and the law in the writings of Sir William Parsons

Session III
Dr Neil Johnston (Department of Culture, Media & Sport, Westminster)
Charles II’s legal officers and their influence on the Restoration land settlement in Ireland, 1660-65
Prof. James McGuire, MRIA (Irish Manuscripts Commission)
Governing Restoration Ireland: the evidence of the proclamations, 1660–70

Friday, 28 November 2014

Session IV
Jennifer Wells, JD (Brown University / Institute of Historical Research)
‘Don’t Kill All the Lawyers!’ – Judges and lawyers in the Interregnum and the making of the British Empire
Dr Andrew Robinson (Northern Ireland Policing Board)
‘Twixt Treason and Convenience’: Protestant Ireland and the trial of the earl of Strafford

Session V
Dr Danielle McCormack (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań)
The rhetoric of law and the Restoration settlement, c. 1660-2                  
Prof. Andrew Carpenter, MRIA (University College Dublin)
Lawyers and the circulation of scurrilous verse in Restoration Dublin

Session VI
Dr John J. Cronin (University College Dublin)
Countering a revolution with law: the role of the Irish royalist elite in the law courts of the exiled Charles II: 1649-1660
Prof. Colum Kenny (Dublin City University)
Shooting stars and survivors: King's Inns revisited 1648-1661

Irish Legal History Society AGM

Irish Legal History Society Winter Discourse
Dr Coleman A. Dennehy (University College Dublin / University College London)
Appointments to the Irish bench in the early Restoration period

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