02 July 2020

BOOK: Graham PARSONS and Mark A. WILSON, eds., Walzer and War Reading Just and Unjust Wars Today (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020). ISBN 978-3-030-41656-0, 105.99 EUR

(Source: Palgrave)

Palgrave is publishing a new book that reassess the meaning, relevance, and legacy of Michael Walzer’s classic, Just and Unjust Wars.


This book presents ten original essays that reassess the meaning, relevance, and legacy of Michael Walzer’s classic, Just and Unjust Wars. Written by leading figures in philosophy, theology, international politics and the military, the essays examine topics such as territorial rights, lessons from America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the practice of humanitarian intervention in light of experience, Walzer’s notorious discussion of supreme emergencies, revisionist criticisms of noncombatant immunity, gender and the rights of combatants, the peacebuilding critique of just war theory, and the responsibility of soldiers for unjust wars. Collectively, these essays advance the debate in this important field and demonstrate the continued relevance of Walzer’s work.


Graham Parsons is Associate Professor in the Department of English and Philosophy at the United States Military Academy at West Point, USA and was previously Fellow at the Individualisation of War Project, European University Institute, Italy.   Mark A. Wilson is a Teaching Professor of Ethics and was previously Chair of the Returning Soldiers Project at Villanova University, USA.


Pages 1-13
Parsons, Graham (et al.)

Prefaces and Postscripts: Walzer’s Just and Unjust Wars Today
Pages 15-30
Luban, David

Territory, Self-Determination, and Defensive Rights
Pages 31-49
Moore, Margaret

Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention: Interests and Consequences
Pages 51-77
Welsh, Jennifer M.

War, Collective Responsibility, and Contemporary Challenges to Democracy
Pages 79-103
Scholz, Sally J.

Peacebuilding and Counterinsurgency: Alternatives to the Moral Dilemma of War
Pages 105-124
Cahill, Lisa Sowle

Fighting Versus Waging War: Rethinking Jus in Bello After Afghanistan and Iraq
Pages 125-155
Dubik, James M.

Reflections on “Supreme Emergency”
Pages 157-188
Waldron, Jeremy

Keeping Exceptions Exceptional in War: Could Any Revisionist Theory Guide Action?
Pages 189-214
Shue, Henry

Autonomy, Obedience, and Manifest Illegality
Pages 215-230
Lichtenberg, Judith

Walzer’s Soldiers: Gender and the Rights of Combatants
Pages 231-257
Parsons, Graham

Pages 259-267
Walzer, Michael

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