27 July 2016

CONFERENCE & CFP: "Justice, Mercy and Law: from revenge to forgiveness in the History of Law" (Murcia, December 13-16, 2016)

WHAT Justice, Mercy and Law: from revenge to forgiveness in the History of Law, Conference and Call for papers

WHEN December 13-16, 2016

WHERE Catedra Inocentio III, Murcia, Spain

 The main purpose of the Law has been to accomplish the Justice. However, the administration of the Justice has not always met the current models of the public justice, but it has greatly changed over the centuries. Likewise, the Justice has been understood in many ways, with predominance of the points of view that tend to comprehend it in a retributive way. On the other hand, the Justice has been understood as a way of repentance and expiation of the criminal sin, sometimes turned into a religious sin. 
For such purposes, we call on interested researchers to submit papers related to the figure of Innocent III from the standpoint of law in general, Canon Law, Philosophy, Theology, History of Institutions, Roman Law, Comparative Law, Art History, History, Sociology, Historiography and any other discipline that can shed light on the subject proposed, being the following: 


 1. Public Justice 
a. Organization of the Justice in continental Europe. 
b. The legal process: Civil Justice and Ecclesiastical Justice. 
c. The imposition and compliance of the sentence. 
2. Private Justice 
a. Private revenge. 
b. Revenge for honor. 
c. Public consequences of the Private Justice. 
3. Forgiveness and Mercy 
a. Forgiveness as a way of discharging the criminal responsibility. 
b. The sentence as the penance for the sinner defendant. 
c. The mercy for the criminal/sinner. 

PROPOSALS: (Title, academic affiliation, Biographical Profile and Abstract 200 words ENG, GER, FRA, ITA, ESP), via mail: 
DEADLINE: September 30th, 2016. The Scientific Committee will respond to the proposal before October 15th, 2016 

PUBLICATION: Papers selected by the Scientific Committee shall be published in the 5th issue of the journal Vergentis in the second half of 2017 (December). 

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