26 January 2022

JOURNAL: MPILHLT Research Paper Series, 2021



A basic bibliography on the history of Ibero-America and the Spanish Caribbean in the colonial period - Otto Danwerth

Municipal Republics and its imprint on Independence processes. Rio de la Plata, first half of the Nineteenth Century. (Las repúblicas municipales y su proyección en los procesos de independencia. Río de la Plata, primera mitad del siglo XIX) - Alejandro Aguero

Transacciones (DCH) (Settlement Agreements (DCH)) - Wim Decock

Normative Orientierungen lokaler Schlichtung. Fallstudien aus einem Waldecker Friedensgericht von 1850. (Normative Orientations of Local Arbitration. Case Studies from a Waldeck Peace Court of 1850.) - Naoko Matsumoto

Beneficios eclesiásticos (DCH) (Ecclesiastical benefices (DCH)) - Julian Andrei Velasco Pedraza
„Sacrum Palatium“. Eine in der Gegenwart missbrauchte Konstruktion des 9. Jahrhunderts ('Sacrum Palatium'. A 9th Century Construction Abused in the Present Day) - Caspar Ehlers

Denuncias (DCH) (Complaints (DCH)) - Macarena Cordero-Fernández

Legislation on the Heritage Protection and Restoration of Antiquity. The Case of the Acropolis of Athens in the Nineteenth Century. - Chiara Mannoni

Excepciones (DCH) (Exceptions (Historical Dictionary of Canon Law in Latin America and the Philippines)) - Jesus Bogarin Diaz

Applying Lessons from the Past? Exploring Historical Analogies in ECB Speeches through Text Mining, 1997-2019 - Anselm Küsters

Ministros De Los Tribunales (DCH) (Court Ministers (DCH)) - Jaime Ricardo Gouveia

Audiencia Episcopal (DCH) - Jorge E Traslosheros

Vicario (DCH) (Vicar (DCH)) - Susana Frías

Sentencia (DCH) (Judgment (DCH)) - Faustino Martinez

Witchcraft, Murder and Adultery: 'Slavery as Punishment' in European Writings about Atlantic Africa around 1800 - Jutta Wimmler

Caught between International Law and National Constitution: The Legal Reckoning with Foreign War Criminals in Norway after 1945 - Lars-Erik Vaale, Baard Herman Borge

Adúlteros (DCH) (Adulterers (DCH)) - Herlinda Ruiz Martínez

Consideraciones Generales Sobre El Derecho Procesal Canónico En Hispanoamérica Y Filipinas (S. Xvi-Xviii) (DCH) (General Considerations on Canonical Procedural Law in Spanish America and the Philippines (16th-18th Centuries) (DCH)) - Faustino Martinez

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