11 June 2021

BOOK: Pablo RUIZ-TAGLE, Five Republics and One Tradition - A History of Constitutionalism in Chile 1810–2020 (Cambridge: CUP, 2021). ISBN 9781108835312, 85.00 GBP


(Source: CUP)

CUP is publishing a new book on the history of constitutionalism in Chile.


Like many countries around the world, Chile is undergoing a political moment when the nature of democracy and its political and legal institutions are being challenged. Senior Chilean legal scholar and constitutional historian Pablo Ruiz-Tagle provides an historical analysis of constitutional change and democratic crisis in the present context focused on Chilean constitutionalism. He offers a comparative analysis of the organization and function of government, the structure of rights and the main political agents that participated in each stage of Chilean constitutional history. Chile is a powerful case study of a Latin American country that has gone through several threats to its democracy, but that has once again followed a moderate path to rebuild its constitutional republican tradition. Not only the first comprehensive study of Chilean constitutional history in the English language from the nineteenth-century to the present day, this book is also a powerful defence of democratic values.


Pablo Ruiz-TagleUniversidad de Chile

Pablo Ruiz-Tagle is Dean and Professor of Constitutional Law and Introduction to Law at the Universidad de Chile. Trained at Yale Law School, he has lectured in Chile and abroad and published several books. He has given advice to the Chilean Congress and other institutions on constitutional matters.



Preface to the English translation


1. Republican constitutionalism as an ideal type and tradition and its alternatives

2. First republic. The independent republic (1810–1830)

3. Second republic. The authoritarian republic (1830–1870)

4. Third republic. The liberal republic (1870–1924)

5. Fourth republic. The democratic republic (1932–1973)

6. The dictatorial imposition of authoritarian constitutionalism (1973–1990)

7. Fifth republic. The neo-liberal republic (1990 to date)

8. The most recent Chilean constitutional moment and its content

9. Afterword

10. Annex: agreement for social peace and a new constitution (2019)

11. Bibliography

12. Index.


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