12 February 2021

NEWS: International Research Network PHEDRA

(Source: PHEDRA)


We learned of the establishment of the research network PHEDRA, under the leadership of Professor Luisa Brunori.

Led by Luisa Brunori of the Centre d’Histoire Judiciaire (Lille), the project involves eight teams based in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Morocco, Spain and the United Kingdom and individual researchers based also in Finland, Belgium and Turkey.

The IRN PHEDRA project aims at developing a concerted approach to European research on the history of business law, from antiquity to the present day, apprehended in its « European ecosystem ». This theme remains little explored by historiography, which nevertheless underlines the extent to which commercial norms and practices constitute a fundamental element in the study of issues related to the historical transformation of our societies.

To meet these objectives, the project – going beyond the traditional national approaches – mobilises several European teams around a collective reflection aiming at identifying the European characteristics of the evolution of business law, through a pooling of knowledge, expertise and sources.

The project relies on solid previous collaborations that highlighted the specific need for collective inter-team scientific work and identified the most appropriate collaborative instruments for this purpose.

The choice of partners follows a logic of strong complementarity: each team is a specialist in the history of business law in its own country, and at the same time each has its own specificities which make them indispensable to the project.

The organization of the network PHEDRA will allow for a collective work on sources and scientific discussions through face-to-face meetings.  The mobility of teams is therefore at the heart of the proposed new methodology. For these reasons, regular working meetings are planned, as well as annual methodological and practical workshops, regular thematic seminars, a thematic school, one-day study sessions, and international conferences.


More info on the website of the project

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