13 January 2021

NEW BOOK SERIES: Routledge Studies in Comparative Legal History (eds. Aniceto MASFERRER DOMINGO & Heikki PIHLAJAMÄKI)


(image source: Routledge)

About the series:

This series covers the general area of comparative legal history, including contributions focusing on both 'internal' legal history, i.e., doctrinal and disciplinary developments in the law, and 'external' legal history, i.e., legal ideas and institutions in wider contexts. Considering the various legal traditions worldwide, the series also welcomes works dealing with other laws and customs from around the globe. Temporal or geographical in approach, the series will consider both legal and similar law-like normative traditions. Works encompassing views from different schools of thought and contributions from comparative and transnational historiography, including interdisciplinary approaches, are encouraged. With a focus on higher level research in the form of monographs and edited collections, proposals for supplementary reading and textbooks are also welcomed.

On the editors:

Aniceto Masferrer is Professor of Legal History and teaches legal history and comparative law at the Faculty of Law, University of Valencia, Spain. He has published extensively on criminal law from an historical and comparative perspective, as well as on the codification movement and fundamental rights in the Western legal tradition. Heikki Tapio Pihlajamäki is Professor of Comparative Legal History, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, Finland. He has published widely, in a number of languages, on various aspects of comparative legal history. 


Tatjana Borisova, Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg; Luisa Brunori, Lille 2 University; Emanuele Conte, Università degli Studi Roma Tre; Matthew Dyson, University of Oxford; Manuel Gutan, Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu; Dirk Heirbaut, Ghent University; Phillip Hellwege, University of Augsburg; Mia Korpiola, University of Turku; Marju Luts, University of Tartu; Emi Matsumoto, Aoyama Gakuin University; Matthew C. Mirow, Florida International University; Ulrike Müßig, Universität Passau; Jacques du Plessis, Stellenbosch University; Helle Vogt, University of Copenhagen; James Q. Whitman, Yale Law School; Alain Wijffels, Université Catholique de Louvain, Leiden University, CNRS.

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