07 January 2013

DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIPS: Legal History - The University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is offering two scholarships in legal history as part of a larger project on authority and texts. The scholarships will pay fees as well as a stipend, and will provide a desk in a dedicated project office. 

Students are invited to submit research proposals on themes of legal authority, textual authority, and governance. How was legal authority derived, conceptualised, and used in the governance of the late medieval and early-modern periods, when ideas on authority were addressed and began to crystallise? How did changing theories of legal authority alter its use by members of the body politic as they participated in, and challenged, royal burghal, university college, and magnate government? Which legal authorities were drawn on by jurists and governing institutions, and how were they used? Did legal authority function differently in the provinces than in jurisdictions which also functioned as seats of national government

Although the focus of the project is these issues in a Scottish context, comparative approaches are welcomed. 

Further information about the project can be found: or please email 

Deadline for receipt of applications is 8th March.

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