13 January 2013

NOTICE: Roundtable with Simona Cerutti at the Centre de Recherche Historique (21st January 2013, Paris)

What: "Les lundis du CRH" - Roundtable on the book Etrangers. Etude d'une condition d'incertitude dans une société d'Ancien Régime, Bayard, Montrougue 2012, by Simona Cerutti.

Where: EHESS, 96 Bd Raspail 75006 Paris, salle M. & D. Lombard.

When: 21 January 2013, 1:00 pm-5 pm.

On January 21st 2013 the "Lundi du CRH" will be devoted to the analysis of Simona Cerutti's recently published Etrangers. Etude d'une condition d'incertitude dans une société d'Ancien Régime, which focuses on the inadequacy of the traditional cathegories used to understand the usage of the term "foreigner" in the modern period.
The roundtable will be intrduced by Katia Béguin (Paris 1), Alain Cottereau (EHESS), Arlette Farge (CNRS/EHESS) and Jacques Revel (EHESS).


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