13 January 2013

CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of the History of Universities

We are pleased to publish the following call for papers:

CIAN-Journal of the History of Universities, founded in 1998, publishes articles on the history of universities as well as current topics and debates about Universities. Two digital issues are published each year. The June issue contains the Studies section and December consists of a thematic Dossier. Book reviews are published in both issues in the Bibliography section. A printed edition containing the contents of both digital issues is published in late December.
CIAN-Journal of the History of the University is accepting submissions for issue number 16 which will be edited at the end of 2013. Those interested in sending articles, reviews or proposals for dossiers may submit their work in Spanish or in English. Articles should be no longer than 10,000 words; dossier introductions cannot exceed 4,000 words. Reviews are limited to 3,000 words. Submitted materials will be evaluated on an anonymous basis.
It is preferable that authors register and then submit their text online via the website: It is also possible to send articles to:
The text should be in MS Word (or RTF, OpenOffice, WordPerfect ....). Authors should include a summary in English, the English translation of the title, five keywords in both languages and a brief biographical note (no longer than 100 words) about the author.
If the text includes illustrations, figures or tables, they should go in their proper place and not at the end of the document. It is also advisable to send a high-resolution copy of these graphics as jpeg attachments to the email address listed above or by following the appropriate steps in the website:
The text and should be formatted according to the standards of the Chicago style. Please consult our page: for more information.
Carolina Rodríguez-López
Director, CIAN-Journal of the History of Universities

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