03 January 2013

PUBLICATION: New Issue of the Journal of American History

The new issue of the Journal of American History is now available (vol. 99.3, 2012).
It includes:
Presidential Address (Capitalism, Democracy, and the Emancipation of Belief by Alice Kessler-Harris)
Articles (Moving beyond 'Rags to Riches': New York’s Irish Famine Immigrants and Their Surprising Savings Accounts, by Tyler Anbinder; On a Temporary Basis: Immigration, Labor Unions, and the American Entertainment Industry, 1880s–1930s, by Krystyn Moon)
A Round Table on Gender History (The Big Tent of U.S. Women’s and Gender History: A State of the Field by Cornelia H. Dayton and Lisa Levenstein; Can We Have a Total American History? A Comment on the Achievements of Women’s and Gender History by Natsuki Aruga; The Impact of Racial and Sexual Politics on Women’s History by Crystal N. Feimster; Gender Identity and the Gendered Process by Alice Kessler-Harris; Seeing Ourselves and for Ourselves: The Infinite Potential of Women’s and Gender History by Ana Elizabeth Rosas, Gender, Generations, Leadership by Elisabetta Vezzosi)
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