07 October 2019

BLOGPOST: Stephen MAYEAUX and Dante FIGUEROA on Spanish Legal Documents (15th-19th Centuries) – Library of Congress

The Law Library Blog of the Library of Congress has a new post on Spanish legal briefs (15th-19th century).

During this celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we bring you the latest—and by far the largest—update from our Spanish Legal Documents series. For more information about the history of this collection, as well as our ongoing efforts to present the full collection online, see our previous posts describing the Canon Law and Opinions & Judgments subsections.

If you have read our previous posts, you may recall that we divided the collection into six categories:
·        Briefs
·        Canon Law
·        Notarial Instruments
·        Opinions & Judgments
·        Laws & Statutes
·        Miscellaneous

The full blogpost can be found at the Library of Congress Blog

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