08 July 2019

CALL FOR PAPERS: Papers on Irish medieval history – International Medieval Congress (6-9 July 2020, Leeds) (DEADLINE: 31 August 2019)

(Source: IMC 2020)

We learned of a Call for Papers for the Leeds International Medieval Congress (full CfP here), and also specifically for those working on Irish medieval history. Here the call from the colleagues at Trinity College Dublin:

Every other year a large cohort of Trinity College Dublin medievalists go to Leeds. It is that time again, but this time, we want to include everyone. If you research any aspect of medieval Ireland or the Irish Sea Region, if you are based in Ireland (UCD, QUB, Galway, etc.), if you study intercultural, interregnal, interregional, international, or comparative aspects, if you like beer, or even if you don’t like beer, you should submit a paper to one of our sessions!

The IMC’s theme for next year is ‘Borders’. This can include:

● Borders between medieval polities (e.g. Eóganacht and Dál Cais, Dubh Linn and Uí
Chennselaig, or the Countship of Ulster and Tír Chonaill)
● Borders between cultures (e.g. Differences between food culture of the Cineál Conaill
and Dál Riada)
● Temporal borders (e.g. ‘late antique’ versus ‘early medieval’, or ‘late medieval’ versus
early modern’)
● Liminal people crossing anyone of the previous types of borders
● Borders between medieval societies and modern conceptions of them (e.g. ‘was the
Rí Temrach really the ‘high-king of Ireland’?’)
● Comparisons between regions (e.g. tenth-century Tuadmuman with tenth-century
● Borders created by studying medieval Continental history in Ireland, or by studying
medieval ‘Ireland’ on the Continent
● A great discovery that you made that has nothing to do with ‘borders’
● A funny pun relating to your research that you just thought of

Please send an abstract of no more than 150 words (50 is also fine) to Stephen Hewer by 31 August 2019. It is customary for the title and topic of your paper to
change before July 2020, so don’t worry too much about that.

For more info on the conference as a whole, please see the IMC 2020 website

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