01 June 2018

LECTURE: Eva-Maria KUHN (Cologne), "God's law, man's lust and church legal affairs in late antiquity" (University of Glasgow, 6 Jun 2018)

(image source: University of Glasgow)

On Wednesday 6 June, Eva-Maria Kuhn  (University of Cologne) will speak on 'God's law, man's lust and church legal affairs in late antiquity'.
How were disputes adjudicated in early Christian communities? What happened at church courts in late antiquity, where bishops presided as judges and arbiters of disciplinary proceedings and civil squabbles? What was the understanding of law, how was Christian law defined in conjunction with, or in opposition to, competing legal regimes, and how was judicial authority defined and effected? A closer look at cases where sexual misconduct was at issue, especially a collection of proceedings before bishop Augustine of Hippo in the early fifth century, provide useful inroads to explore legal practice concerning laity and locals.

The talk will take place at 3.30pm, in Room 207, No. 10, The Square. All are welcome.

Eva-Maria Kuhn is the Alan Rodger Postgraduate Visiting Researcher in the University of Glasgow Law School for 2017/18.

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