07 June 2018

BOOK: Stefan VOGENAUER & Volker TRIEBEL, Englisch als Vertragssprache. Fallstricke und Fehlerquellen (München: C.H. Beck, 2018), ISBN 9783406641657.

(image source: eurobuch)

Book abstract:
International contracts are frequently written in English although they are often governed by a law other than that of England and Wales. In their recent book, Stefan Vogenauer and Volker Triebel discuss the difficulties that arise in such scenarios. They highlight potential pitfalls and offer advice on how best to avoid mistakes. In doing so, they also analyse the peculiar style of drafting and the linguistic features that characterise Anglo-American contracts. These can only be understood against the background of the long and complex history of English law and the many linguistic influences that shaped legal language across the Channel.

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(Source: MPI for European Legal History, Newsletter)

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