25 June 2018

BOOK: Sebastiaan VANDENBOGAERDE, Vectoren van het recht. Geschiedenis van de Belgische juridische tijdschriften [Justitie & samenleving/Justice & Société eds. Dirk HEIRBAUT & Xavier ROUSSEAUX] (Bruges: dieKeure/la Charte, 2018), 444 p. ISBN 9789048632626, € 75

(image source: die Keure)

Book abstract:

This book searches for the roots, the actors and the most significant topics in Belgium’s legal periodicals published since 1830. In its etymological sense legal periodicals are vectors of law. They carry legal information, whether it be case-law, legislation or doctrine to the reader. The periodical press surpasses the carrier-function since editors have a certain goal in mind, which might be politically inspired. This means that the selection of contributions is seldom neutral. Through their publications, editorial boards and authors have the possibility to influence the readership, in this case legal professionals. It allows legal titles to shape law and legal practices. Central questions are: who are the actors in the journals? What is their background and which goals do they want to achieve? How do editors want to fulfil their objectives and do they succeed? How are different legal titles related to each other? And are they vectors of law?w?
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