23 January 2020

BOOK : Samy A. AYOUB, Law, Empire, and the Sultan, (Oxford, 2020) ISBN: 9780190092924, £75.00

                                     (Source : Oxford University Press)

Law, Empire, and the Sultan Ottoman Imperial Authority and Late Hanafi Jurisprudence


-Reconsiders fundamental premises about Ottoman sultanic authority.
-Gives a new perspective on the later development of the Hanafi school of Islamic law in the Ottoman Empire.
-Explains how legal revisions by Muslim jurists of the period were not temporary strategies but rather involved the use of built-in mechanisms to reinterpret Islamic law and keep it relevant to the changing social, political, and economic circumstances of the Ottoman Empire.
-Provides detailed analysis and fresh insights on a wide range of legal issues through careful reading of understudied sources, uncirculated manuscripts, and extensive references to authoritative Hanafi texts.

-Samy Ayoub specializes in Islamic law, modern Middle East law, and law and religion in contemporary Muslim societies. He focuses on issues concerning the interaction between religion and law, and the role of religion in contemporary legal and socio-political systems within a global comparative perspective.

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