21 January 2020

SUMMER SCHOOL: Law and Humanities Summer School 2020 (Luzern, 15-19 June 2020) (DEADLINE: 1 March 2020)

We learned of the annual summer school in law and humanities, which is organized in Luzern this year.

The 2020 Summer School will focus on the entanglements of law, art and politics. From statues of the Roman Emperors to Picasso’s Guernica, some of the world’s most celebrated works of art have been explicitly political. But in the twenty-first century everything has been disrupted – including law, including art, including politics. We live in a world obsessed by images and distrustful of politics; a world in which the public sphere is collapsing and private interests seem more powerful than ever. What, then, is the role of art in making and unmaking, representing and challenging the language of law and the power of politics? Can art disrupt the disruptors?
Starting from this contemporary perspective, the school will offer a panorama of the dynamic intercourse between law, art and politics across a variety of sites, contexts and periods. The programme will draw on the expertise of scholars working in different research fields and across multiple critical traditions to address such questions as:
  • How do aesthetics and images shape the character of law?
  • What role does art play in transmitting legal and political ideology, or in fostering critique and social change?
  • How might we understand the relations between modes of artistic cultural expression and legal identities?
  • What are the effects of art’s material manifestations on the law?
  • How does art participate in, activate, or reflect upon the imagining of legal futures?

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