29 January 2020

JOURNAL: International Journal of Constitutional Law. V. 17, i. 4.

Table of Contents
Honor Roll of Reviewers 2019
Honoring Jürgen Habermas
Seyla Benhabib, For Jürgen Habermas on his 90th birthdayJean L. Cohen, My/our debt to HabermasOliver Gerstenberg, Radical democracy and the rule of law: Reflections on J. Habermas’s legal philosophyFrank I. Michelman, Legitimacy and moral supportCheryl Misak, Habermas’s place in the history of pragmatismVlad Perju, Supranational states in the postnational constellationMichel Rosenfeld, Habermas at 90: A personal and professional tribute
Kai Möller, Justifying the culture of justificationSergio Verdugo The fall of the Constitution’s political insurance: How the Morales regime eliminated the insurance of the 2009 Bolivian Constitution
Critical Review of Governance
Tarunabh Khaitan and Jane Calderwood Norton, The right to freedom of religion and the right against religious discrimination: Theoretical distinctionsFarrah Ahmed, Richard Albert and Adam Perry, Enforcing constitutional conventions
Symposium: New Dominium Constitutionalism
Mara Malagodi, Luke McDonagh and Thomas PooleNew Dominion constitutionalism at the twilight of the British Empire: An introductionPeter C. Oliver, “Dominion status:” History, framework, and contextLuke McDonagh, Losing Ireland, losing the Empire: Dominion status and the Irish Constitutions of 1922 and 1937Rohit De, Between midnight and republic: Theory and practice of India’s Dominion statusMara Malagodi, Dominion status and the origins of authoritarian constitutionalism in PakistanRehan Abeyratne, Uncertain sovereignty: Ceylon as a Dominion, 1948–1972Mara Malagodi, Luke McDonagh and Thomas Poole,  The Dominion model of transitional constitutionalism
ICON: Debate!
Joseph H. H. Weiler, A nation of nations?Antonio Bar, A nation of nations?: A reply to Joseph H. H. WeilerHèctor López Bofill, A nation of nations?: A reply to Joseph H. H. Weiler
Review Essays
Itamar Mann, Zionism and human rights. Review of James Loeffler, Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century; Michael Sfard. The Wall and the Gate: Israel, Palestine, and the Legal Battle of Human Rights; Gideon Sapir. The Israeli Constitution: From Evolution to RevolutionKatalin Kelemen, Constitutional reasoning: A flourishing field of research in comparative law. Review of  András Jakab. European Constitutional Language; András Jakab, Arthur Dyevre, & Giulio Itzcovich (eds.). Comparative Constitutional Reasoning
Book Reviews
Anine Kierulf. Judicial Review in Norway—A Bicentennial Debate (Jaakko Husa)Eric C. Ip. Hybrid Constitutionalism: The Politics of Constitutional Review in the Chinese Special Administrative Regions (Julius Yam)Katharine G. Young, ed. The Future of Economic and Social Rights (Ingrid Leijten)

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