10 January 2020

WORKSHOP PRESENTATIONS : Stanford Center for Law & History (Stanford, 27 Jan. to 9 Mar. 2020)

Source :  Stanford Law School
Stanford Center for Law and History announces four great legal history workshop presentations that will be taking place there. Coordinated by Professors Amalia Kessler and Robert Gordon.

Where :  Room 272 of the Law School's Crown Building, (Stanford, California).

When : on the following Mondays from 4:15 to 6:15 PM.


January 27—Allison Powers, Assistant Professor of History, Texas Tech University: “The Specter of Compensation: Mexican Claims Against the United States, 1923-1941.”

February 10—Fahad Bishara, Assistant Professor of History, Assistant Professor of Arabian Peninsula and Gulf Studies, University of Virginia: "Rethinking the Bazaar: Law and the Documentary Infrastructures of Economic Life in the Indian Ocean."

February 24—Lauren Benton, Nelson O. Tyrone, Jr. Professor of History and Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University: “Law in Small Wars, circa 1750: Peacetime Violence and European Legal Regimes.”

March 9—Sam Erman, Professor of Law, University of Southern California Law: “Inventing the Rules of Blood and of Soil: Nineteenth-Century Origins of Birthright Citizenship.”  

More information and registration:  here

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