16 January 2020

JOURNAL: Diplomatic History (Vol. 44, Issue 1)

Oxford University Press has published a new issue of Diplomatic History. Here the table of contents:

Diplomatic History Volume 44, Number 1, January 2020
The Diplomat’s Two Minds: Deconstructing a Foreign Policy Myth 1
by Barbara Keys
Stalin, Soviet Intelligence, and the Struggle for Iran, 1945–53 22
by Vladislav M. Zubok
Managing Imponderables: The Rise of U.S. Tourism and the
Transformation of German Diplomacy, 1890–1933 47
by Elisabeth Piller
Imperial Stepping Stone: Bridging Continental and Overseas Empire in
Alaska 76
by Michael A. Hill
Creating An American Culture Of Secrecy: Cryptography In
Wilson-Era Diplomacy 102
by Daniel Larsen
Anti-Nuclear Activism and Electoral Politics in the 1963 Test
Ban Treaty 133
by Mark Eastwood
Constructing American Alienage 157
by Yucheng Qin
The Shah’s Tears 160
by Nathan J. Citino
Seeing Spaceship Earth 163
by Stephen Macekura
William Walker, Liberal Imperialist 165
by Kevin Coleman
Internationalism and Indian Independence 168
by Andrew Muldoon
Kaunda’s Diplomacy 170
by Amanda McVety
The View from Little Havana 173
by Jonathan C. Brown
Lawfare and the Debasement of Genocide 175
by Susan L. Carruthers
An Outpost of Progress 177
by Bruce Kuklick
Outside of the Bipartisan Consensus 180
by Michael Bowen

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