01 October 2020

BOOK: Colin HEYWOOD & Ivan PARVEV (Eds.), The Treaties of Carlowitz: Antecedents, Course and Consequences (Leiden-New York: Brill, 2020). ISBN 978-90-04-40950-7, EUR 105.00

(Source: Brill)


Brill has published a new book on the Treaties of Carlowitz (1699).


The Treaties of Carlowitz (1699) includes recent studies on the Lega Sacra War of 1683-1699 against the Ottoman Empire, the Peace treaties of Carlowitz (1699), and on the general impact of the conflict upon Modern Europe and the Balkans. With its contributions written by well-known international specialists in the field, the volume demonstrates that sometimes important conflicts tend to be forgotten with time, overshadowed by more spectacular wars, peace congresses or diplomatic alliances. The “Long War” of 1683-1699 is a case in point. By re-thinking and re-writing the history of the conflict and the subsequent peacemaking between a Christian alliance and the Ottoman state at the end of the 17th century, new perspectives, stretching into the present era, for the history of Europe, the Balkans and the Near East are brought into discussion.


Contributors are: Tatjana Bazarova, Maurits van den Boogert, John Paul Ghobrial, Abdullah Güllüoğlu, Zoltan Györe, Colin Heywood, Lothar Höbelt, Erica Ianiro, Charles Ingrao, Dzheni Ivanova, Kirill Kochegarov, Dariusz Kołodziejzcyk, Hans Georg Majer, Ivan Parvev, Arno Strohmeier.


Colin Heywood, Ph.D. (London, 1970) is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Hull. He has published numerous studies and articles on Ottoman history and historiography and on Mediterranean and maritime history in the late medieval and early modern period. 

Ivan Parvev, Ph.D. (1993), Habil. D. (2011), University of Sofia, is Professor of Early Modern Balkan history at that university. He has published monographs and articles on Habsburg-Balkan relations, including Land in Sicht. Südosteuropa in den deutschen politischen Zeitschriften des 18. Jahrhunderts (Zabern, 2008).


  About the Authors 

Part 1: The War of 1683–1699 – Political Strategies and Balance of Power in Europe

 1On the Road to Carlowitz: Visions of Ottoman Diplomacy in the Letters of Thomas Coke, 1691–1694 
  Jean-Paul A. Ghobrial 
 2‘This Great Work’: Lord Paget and the Processes of English Mediating Diplomacy in the Latter Stages of the Sacra Lega War, 1697–1698 
  Colin Heywood 
 3The Spoils of Peace: What the Dutch Got Out of Carlowitz 
  Maurits H. van den Boogert 
 4The War of 1683–1699 and the Beginning of the Eastern Question 
  Ivan Parvev 

Part 2: The Sacra Lega War Viewed by the Sublime Porte

 5Ottoman Diplomacy in the First Years (1683–1685) of the Ottoman “Long War” 
  Abdullah Güllüoğlu 
 6Ottoman Subjects, Habsburg Allies. The Reaya of the Chiprovtsi Region (Northwestern Bulgaria) on the Front Line, 1688–1690 
  Dzheni Ivanova 
 7Ottoman Knowledge of the Imperial Commanders 
  Hans Georg Majer 

Part 3: Time for War, Time for Peace

 8From Slankamen to Zenta: The Austrian War Effort in the East during the 1690s 
  Lothar Höbelt 
 9The Habsburgs and the Holy League: Religion or Realpolitik? 
  Charles Ingrao 
 10From the ‘Eternal Peace’ to the Treaty of Carlowitz: Relations between Russia, the Sublime Porte and the Crimean Khanate (1686–1699) 
  Kirill Kochegarov 
 11The Treaty of Carlowitz in Polish Memory – A Date Better Forgotten? 
  Dariusz Kołodziejczyk 
 12The Symbolic Making of the Peace of Carlowitz: The Border Crossing of Count Wolfgang IV of Oettingen-Wallerstein during His Mission as Imperial Grand Ambassador to the Sublime Porte (1699–1701) 
  Arno Strohmeyer 
 13The Treaty of Carlowitz and its Impact on Russian-Ottoman Relations, 1700–1710 
  Tatiana Bazarova 

Part 4: Early Modern Demographic and Economic Context

 14War and Demography: The Case of Hungary 1521–1718 
  Zoltán Györe 
 15Venice after Carlowitz: Change and Challenge in Eighteenth-century Venetian Policy 
  Erica Ianiro 
 Concluding Remarks 


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