15 May 2018

JOURNAL: Law and History Review XXXVI (2018), No. 2

(Source: Cambridge Core)

The Law and History Review just released its newest issue.


In This Issue v
Heart of Ice: Indigenous Defendants and Colonial Law in the Canadian North-West
Catherine L. Evans 199
Peripheral Vision: Polish-Jewish Lawyers and Early Israeli Law
Assaf Likhovski 235
The Prosecution of Rape in Wartime: Evidence from the Mau Mau Rebellion, Kenya 1952–60
David M. Anderson and Julianne Weis 267
Revocation of Citizenship and Rule of Law: How Judicial Review Defeated Britain’s First Denaturalization Regime
Patrick Weil and Nicholas Handler 295
Colonial Charters: Possessory or Regulatory?
James Muldoon 355
The Law of Negligence as Reported in The Times, 1785–1820
James Oldham 383
Review Essay
Taming the Past: Essays on Law in History and History in Law—Robert W. Gordon
reviewed by David M. Rabban 421
Book Reviews
The Codex of Justinian: A New Annotated Translation with Parallel Latin and Greek Text—Bruce W. Frier
reviewed by Paul J. du Plessis 429
Chinese Law in Imperial Eyes: Sovereignty, Justice, and Transcultural Politics—Li Chen
reviewed by Taisu Zhang 430

The full issue can be found here

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