31 May 2018

CALL FOR PAPERS: Ius Commune Workshop on Comparative Legal History 2018 Ius Commune in the Making: Changing Methods and the Dynamics of Law in the History of Private Law (Amsterdam, 29-30 NOV 2018); DEADLINE 15 JUL 2018

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Dear Colleagues,

The 23nd Ius Commune Conference will take place in Amsterdam (November 29-30, 2018), and a Workshop will be devoted to the methods and the dynamics of law in the history of private law.

The Workshops on “Comparative Legal History–Ius Commune in the Making” aim to reveal and understand the nature and effects of various legal formants in the development of law. Indeed, forces of legal formants are too often lost or hidden beneath a superficies of commonalities. In the past we have explored the role of legal actors (Edinburgh 2014), legal sources (Maastricht 2016), and of the force of local laws (Utrecht 2017).

The current Workshop aims now to explore how actors in the past and researchers in the present deal with common law in the making. The Workshop will therefore look at the shifts in methodologies and in the dynamics of law. This strongly looks like a highly fruitful domain of research. History by its nature provides us with the time perspective needed to extract the changes in law, as well as the arguments leading to this change. History is a living laboratory – a society and its legal formants in vitro. Different time periods, including Roman law, the learned ius commune, nineteenth-century codification, and the more recent efforts towards a European private law harmonization will offer us insights in the interplay between law, society, and the methodologies used. The question is whether and to what extent and in which way these different methodologies contributed in the statics and dynamics of law. Thereby, help to contextualize and better understand not only law for specific societies in a specific time and space, but also to understand the diversities in our quest for normative certainty and change in a world, which we have but in common.

Senior researchers and PhD candidates are invited to submit an abstract of a paper related to the above-mentioned theme. Abstracts (max. 400 words) should be sent to Agustin Parise (agustin.parise@maastrichtuniversity.nlno later than July 15, 2018. Shortly after that, the authors will be informed whether their papers are selected for a presentation during the Workshop. All contributions should be in English. Co-authored papers will be also considered.

Researchers from within and outside the Ius Commune Research School will be eligible to present abstracts. Please also forward this call to colleagues who might be interested.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the organizing committee,

Harry Dondorp (
Michael Milo (

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