10 May 2018

ADVANCE ARTICLES: Comparative Legal History

(image source: Routledge)

"Spirit without letter: How volkish Nazi law falls outside Fuller’s and Hart’s concepts of law" (Gavin Byrne)

"From sovereignty to modernity: revisiting the Colebrooke-Cameron Reforms – transforming the Buddhist and colonial imaginary in nineteenth century Ceylon" (Niranjan Casinader, Roshan De Silva Wijeyaratne & Lee Godden)

"An itinerary on Latin-American legal historiography" (Abelardo Levaggi)

"Late to the party: chronicling the role of the courts in the continuing evolution of UK public law" (Robert Brett Taylor)

"Legal traditions. A dialogue between comparative law and comparative legal history" (Thomas Duve)

"Review Article: What is (or perhaps should be) the relationship between legal history and legal theory?" (Geoffrey Samuel)

"Book Review: The Church of England and divorce in the twentieth century: legalism and grace" (Henry Kha)

"Book Review: Human rights after Hitler: the lost history of prosecuting axis war crimes" (Tom Buchanan)

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