18 December 2017

JOURNAL: Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis/Revue d'histoire du droit/Legal History Review LXXXV (2017), nr. 3-4

(image source: Brill)


    Prijs Robert Feenstra – Prix Robert Feenstra – Robert Feenstra Prize
    Huldiging Liesbeth van Soest – Hommage à Liesbeth van Soest – Homage to Liesbeth van Soest


    Offering hospitality to strangers: Hugo Grotius’s draft regulations for the Jews (Marc de Wilde)
    Zur evictio in libertatem (Veronika Kleňová)
    The ‘generalis hypotheca’ and the sale of pledged assets in Roman law (V.J.M. Van Hoof)
    The New Temple. On the origin, nature and composition of the partes Digestorum (W.J. Zwalve/Th. de Vries)
    A fragment of the Reforma das Ordenações de D. Afonso V (José Domingues, Pedro Pinto)
    The Court of Common Pleas of East Florida 1763-1783 (Mathew C. Mirow)
    Civil mediation in imperial, republican and modern-day China. Historical and cultural norms under the traditional Chinese legal order (Peter C.H. Chan)
    Medieval jurisprudence on international law (D. Fedele)

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