22 December 2017

BLOG: Law and Anthropology (Leggy)

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Dear colleagues,

We have the pleasure to announce the launch of a new research platform dedicaced to legal anthropology, named Law & Anthropology ( This new blog is dedicated to news, analysis and debates on legal anthropology. The latform seeks to account regularly for recent scientific activity in the field of legal anthropology, mainly in Europe but on other continents as well.

Its goal is to highlight scientific works that try to explain what law is from an anthropological point of view. Therefore, we are interested in all fields of anthropology exploring legal/normative phenomena : legal anthropology strictly speaking, anthropology of institutions, historical anthropology, kinship anthropology, political anthropology, etc.

The blog will include calls for papers, dates of upcoming conferences and symposia, new publications (whether books, reviews, or articles), updates on doctoral training programs, upcoming Ph.D. defense announcements, creation of virtual exhibitions, bibliographic information, and interviews with actors in this field.

The platform is run by French and European researchers involved in legal anthropology.

If you would like any related news to be published on the platform, please write to

Please write to the same address if you are willing to register yourself, your research center or your teachings in our online legal anthropology directory ( Please precise your identity, your institution, your official functions, the cultural area you are specialized into, and your research fields. You may also mention a link to a personal website.

We do thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Frédéric Audren
CNRS – École de droit de Sciences Po

Laetitia Guerlain
IRM- CAHD – Université de Bordeaux.

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