28 June 2016

CONFERENCE & CFP: "Quantity and Quantification in History" (Porto, November 18-19 2016)

WHAT Quantity and Quantification in HistoryXXXVI Conference of the APHES (Portuguese Association of Economic and Social History)

WHEN November 18-19 2016

WHERE Faculdade de Economia do Porto, Porto (Portugal)

The city of Porto will host the 36th Annual Meeting of the APHES, which will take place at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto on the 18 and 19 November 2016

New Extended deadline for proposals: 30 June 2016
Communication of acceptation: before 31 July 2016

Keynote Speaker: Professor Bruce Campbell, Queen’s University, Belfast (“Measuring the Medieval Economy”)


The theme chosen for this meeting is “Quantity and Quantification in History”. In Portugal and throughout Europe, the last decade saw the emergence of major research projects dedicated to the collection of vast quantities of historical data, though not necessarily by historians. This coincided with the development of new quantification methods and tools, in both History and in other disciplines. This poses challenges that historiography cannot be indifferent to. On one side, this trend stimulates historians to experiment with increasingly demanding, but also increasingly rewarding, quantitative methodologies. On the other side, heuristics, hermeneutics and the very rules of their craft mean that historians possess a unique vantage point on these datasets and on the sources they are built upon. Either way, quantitative research on historical data enhances the role of Economic and Social History in the frontier with the remaining social sciences.

Thus, we call for all researchers to be present in our 36th Annual Meeting to discuss their research on quantity and quantification or in other fields within Economic and Social History.

Other Topics
As usually, the APHES Conference welcomes research in all fields of Economic and Social History, even if not directly related with the main theme.

Panel Sessions and Individual Communications
We invite proposals for full Panel Sessions and for Individual Presentations. The latter should be 15-minute individual presentations and will be combined into sessions of three or four speakers on the program. Panel Sessions are scheduled for 90 minutes and would consist of at least three 15-minute presentations with at least 15-20 minutes for questions and discussion.

1.    We only accept one communication per person.
2.  To submit a proposal, we require an abstract of up to 500 words, a working title and brief curriculum vitae of the author.
3.     Individual communications and panels have to be in Portuguese or English.

APHES Prize for young researchers
We encourage young researchers to apply with their communications to our annual prize.
The applicable rules can be consulted at the association website.
Applications should be emailed to the Organizing Committee before 3 October 2016

APHES funding
APHES offers some funding opportunities for students (more information in

Scientific Committee
José Luís Cardoso (ICS – UL) – President
António Castro Henriques (FE – UP)
Benedita Câmara (UM)
Fernanda Olival (CIDEHUS – UE)
Fernando de Sousa (CEPESE – UP)
Leonor Freire Costa (ISEG - UL)
Susana Miranda (Leiden Univ.)

Organizing Committee
Maria do Pilar Gonzalez (FE – UP)
Diogo Melo Lourenço (FE – UP)
Graça Maciel (FE – UP)
Pedro Nuno Teixeira (Vice-Rector UP)
António Castro Henriques (FE – UP)

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