28 June 2016

BOOK: "A Companion to the Swiss Reformation" edited by Amy Nelson Burnett and Emilio Campi (July 2016)

A Companion to the Swiss Reformation, edited by Amy Nelson Burnett and Emilio Campi

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A Companion to the Swiss Reformation describes the course of the Protestant Reformation in the Swiss Confederation over the course of the sixteenth century. Its essays examine the successes as well as the failures of the reformation movement, considering not only the institutional churches but also the spread of Anabaptism. The volume highlights the different form that the Reformation took among the members of the Confederation and its allied territories, and it describes the political, social and cultural consequences of the Reformation for the Confederation as a whole.
Contributors are: Irena Backus, Jan-Andrea Bernhard, Amy Nelson Burnett, Michael W. Bruening, Erich Bryner, Emidio Campi, Bruce Gordon, Kaspar von Greyerz, Sundar Henny, Karin Maag, Thomas Maissen, Regula Schmid-Keeling, Martin Sallmann, and Andrea Strübind
Amy Nelson Burnett, Ph.D. (1989), is the Varner Professor of History at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is the author of several books and articles on the Swiss Reformation, including Teaching the Reformation: Ministers and their Message in Basel, 1529-1629 (2006).
Emidio Campi, Dr. theol. Dr. h.c., is Professor Emeritus of Church History and Director Emeritus of the Institute for Swiss Reformation History at the University of Zurich. He has written widely on the Swiss Reformation. His recent book is Shifting Patterns of Reformed Tradition (2014).
Table of contents

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Part One: Background

Amy Nelson Burnett and Emidio Campi

Chapter One: The Swiss Confederation Before the Reformation
Regula Schmid

Part Two: The Reformation

Chapter Two: The Reformation in Zurich 
Emidio Campi

Chapter Three: The Reformation in Bern 
Martin Sallmann

Chapter Four: The Reformation in Basel 
Amy Nelson Burnett

Chapter Five: The Reformation in Schaffhausen 
Eric Bryner

Chapter Six: The Reformation in St. Gallen and Appenzell 
Eric Bryner

Chapter Seven: Failed Reformations 
Sundar Henny

Chapter Eight: The Reformation in the Three Leagues 
Jan-Andrea Bernhard

Chapter Nine: Francophone Territories Allied to the Swiss Confederation 
Michael W. Bruening

Chapter Ten: The Swiss Anabaptists 
Andrea Strübind

Part Three: Outcomes

Chapter Eleven: Theological Profile 
Emidio Campi

Chapter Twelve: Church Organization, Discipline, and Worship 
Bruce Gordon

Chapter Thirteen: Schools and Education 
Karin Maag

Chapter Fourteen: Swiss Society: Family, Gender, and the Poor 
Kaspar von Greyerz

Chapter Fifteen: Reformation Culture 
Irena Backus

Chapter Sixteen: Religious Stalemate and Confessional Alignments 
Thomas Maissen


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