22 July 2014

PHD STUDENTSHIP: Digital Panopticon (2014/2018)

WHAT: Digital Panopticon, 6 Phd studentships
WHERE: Universities of Liverpool, Sheffield and Tasmania
WHEN: 2014/2018

The Digital Panopticon is a four-year international digital history project to link together existing and new genealogical, biometric and criminal justice datasets held by different organisations in the UK and Australia, exploring the impact of the different types of penal punishments on the lives of 66,000 people sentenced at The Old Bailey between 1780 and 1875. We have six PhD studentships available with topics including convict lives and careers, recidivism, social and spatial worlds, and the impact of digital resources on the history of crime, spread across the Universities of Liverpool, Sheffield and Tasmania.

The deadlines for applications are 28 July (Liverpool and Sheffield) and  31 July (Tasmania). The UK-based studentships will be interviewed in August, to start 1 October 2014.

More information about all of the studentships can be found here here

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