10 June 2013

BOOK: W. Daum, P. Brandt, M. Kirsch, A. Schlegelmilch (Hrsg.), Handbuch der europäischen Verfassungsgeschichte 1815-1847 (reviewed by Olaf Blaschke)

Reviews in history features a book of interest to the members of our society. The second volume of Werner Daum, Peter Brandt, Martin Kirsch and Arthur Schlegelmilch's Handbuch der europäischen Verfassungsgeschichte, on early nineteenth-century developments from 1815 to 1847, has been extensively reviewed by dr. Olaf Blaschke (Heidelberg). The text of his review can be consulted on the Reviews in History-website (Institute of Historical Research, London).

This impressive volume counts 1504 pages and 30+ contributions, to cover the era stretching from the Congress of Vienna, marking the exit of Napoleon, to the 1848 Revolution, which toppled the Louis Philippe.

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