15 June 2013


The DIREL (Centro studi "Diritto, Religioni e Letterature") comprises two strictly connected sections: the first one is focused on legal-historical research, the second one on legal-philosophical issues. Both researches are carried on together with persons of letters and theologians, with particular attention to historical-rethorical and semiotic-linguistic research.
The center, as part of the Osservatorio sull’Antropologia della Libertà (ALI) of the associazione Polis, is the Turin based "headquarter" of the ISLL network (Italian Society for Law and  Literature). It is rooted in the CIRCE (Centro di Ricerche sulla comunicazione dell’Università di Torino) and joins both the CERMEG (Centro di Metodologia dell’Università di Trento) and the RES Center (Regolazione, Etica e Società, Università del Piemonte Orientale), actively collaborating with the Rivista di Storia e Letteratura Religiosa (Leo Olschki), the on-line Journal TCRS (Teoria Critica della Regolazione Sociale, Università di Catania) and the collection "Antropologia della Libertà" (Mimesis).
The Center organizes conferences, workshops and research projects and helps in the organization of the Summer Schools in Legal History and Legal Philosophy of the Law Faculty of the University of Turin, which take place in Italy as well as in other countries. The first Summer School will take place in Torre Pellice during the month of August 2014, the second one in France in 2015.
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